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Trump: Protesters, Anarchists, Terrorists & Looters Marching Has Died Down


FOX News host Sean Hannity interviews President Donald Trump about John Bolton's new book, police reform, the 2020 presidential campaign, the coronavirus and more on Wednesday's edition of 'Hannity.' President Trump called former national security adviser John Bolton "washed up" and said he "was not very enamored" about his support for the Iraq war.

HANNITY: So, all these protests have been going on for weeks. And talk about social distancing kind of went away almost completely, from what I can tell.
There were many people I saw that were not wearing masks. And even some of the politicians now that are critical of you having a rally in Oklahoma on Saturday, now, all of a sudden, they're saying that it -- well, it may not be safe.
I understand temperatures are going to be taken. I understand people that go, they're signing a waiver. I understand that masks will be worn by people, and even distributed, I think I read somewhere.
Maybe you should change the name of the rally and call it a protest, and maybe they will say it's OK then.
Well, that's true. The protests -- I mean, the protesters and anarchists and terrorists and looters and all of the people that were marching on various locations over the last couple of weeks, that's died down. They have lost some energy. That's good, but -- because many of them don't even know what they're protesting, frankly.
But you look at that, and they were right on top of each other, large numbers, pretty large numbers. And they were right on top of each other. And nobody complained.
When you look at fake CNN, it's total fake. It's a fake news operation. And it's really like an extension of the Democrat Party.
And then you look at MSDNC, which is DNC, Democrat National Committee --and you look at it, and you see the way they talk. They never mention that. They don't talk about it. This is all you hear about Oklahoma, what we're doing.
We will be in Tulsa. You have a great mayor and you have a great governor, Governor Stitt. I spoke to him yesterday. They're so excited about it, that you have no idea.
And we have had so many sign-ups. You know, there are lines of people now, and we won't be there for three days. They have lines of people right now trying to get into the arena. I mean, they will be there. They will be early.
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