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Hannity: "We Have A Few Resistance People" At FOX News


FOX News host Sean Hannity and network contributor Geraldo Rivera talk about the "nest of vipers and snitches and rats and backstabbers" in the White House and who will cover the investigation of the investigators.

"You laugh when I talk about the president being surrounded by this nest of vipers and snitches and rats and backstabbers," Geraldo said Thursday night. "It is so true. But the element that I leave out that you hit much more effectively than I do is that when John Durham's report comes out and it's shocking, is this going to be the only channel? Is this going to be the only program that runs the bones of this?"

"We are hardly a channel of agreement. We have a few resistance people on the channel," Hannity said Thursday night.

"[Every other channel] is talking about the president, impeachment and they can lie and cheat because it's in service of a greater cause," Geraldo said. "They feel so self-righteous, so smug. Donald Trump is so declasse and he never should have been president. The accidental president. He should have been taken down by the 25th Amendment. He should be replaced by Pence. And now he's going to be impeached, for what? For a noncrime. History will record. If history -- from the perspective of decades from now is fair they will look back on this as a scandal. They will look back at this, faux-emotion of how Adam Schiff uses the same language now that he used two years ago. Then it was Russian collusion, now it's Ukraine collusion. What's next?"

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