Dan Bongino: Mitt Romney Represents The "Swamp Rat Republicans"


On Wednesday's 'Fox & Friends,' Trump supporter Dan Bongino responds to Mitt Romney's op-ed arguing that the president's character "falls short" of what it should to lead the nation.

Bongino said Romney is a "sell out" and a "fraud" and "the kind of guy who has absolutely decimated the Republican Party."

"When there is a museum left to the remnant of the swamp GOP and we're all walking through this museum in 30 years of what used to be the GOP, exhibit one will be Mitt Romney, followed closely by Jeff Flake."

"The Democrats want to destroy the country immediately," Bongino said. "The swamp rat Republicans are the manage decliners -- 'Don’t worry we’ll just manage the decline of the country. While we all keep our bow-ties and eat our foie gras lunches and get our money from our lobbyists.'"

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