As Dems Play Politics, President Trump Puts Americans First

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While I was hunkered down in my house waiting for my COVID-19 test results last week, which were thankfully negative, my family was the recipient of gracious acts of kindness: prayers, wellness calls, friends dropping off groceries and neighbors offering to lend a helping hand.

It’s the kind of “American spirit” that we’ve seen translate on a larger scale as our fellow Americans have rallied together to do what we can to help our neighbors in need. 

As President Trump and his administration have been working day in and day out with both government and the private sector to relay information and open up as many resources as possible to mitigate the spread of the virus, American businesses have pivoted their entire operations to meet the moment and the demand. It’s all part of what the president is calling a “whole of America” approach.  

Restaurants giving away free meals to nurses and health care workers on the front lines in the fight against the coronavirus, small businesses switching gears to produce items most in need like hand sanitizer, and property owners telling their tenants to pay their employees first, instead of their rent, are just a few examples of the extraordinary acts of decency we have seen in recent days.  

Yet, even as Americans are finding hope in their fellow citizens and looking for leadership and results, unfortunately we see that some would rather use this crisis as an opportunity to sow division and advance partisan interests rather than follow President Trump’s lead to put politics aside and the American people first. 

In the past few days alone we’ve seen members of the media parrot talking points used by the Chinese Communist Party and ask if acknowledging the origin of the virus’ outbreak is racist. 

Most shamefully, at a time when humans’ lives are on the line and small businesses are scrambling to see how long they can afford to stay closed, we saw Speaker Pelosi and Democrats in the Senate block a bipartisan relief package that would help millions of American families, hospitals, and businesses in a desperate attempt to ram through their radical, far-left agenda. 

Using a pandemic to push for a progressive wish list of unrelated policies might be a new low even for Democrats, and it lays bare the D.C. Swamp Culture that the majority of Americans are sick and tired of.  

If you go beyond the Beltway, and outside of the elite media echo chamber, one will find that, while the majority of Americans despise the politics of Washington, they approve of President Trump’s resolute leadership and aggressive response to combat the coronavirus.  

In fact, 55% of Americans and nearly a third of Democrats now approve of how President Trump has handled the crisis.     

The American people are responding to hearing directly from the president along with the top experts in fields from epidemiology to emergency management about the “whole of America” response President Trump is leading to keep Americans safe. 

Consider some of the bold, decisive actions President Trump took from the outset to prioritize the health and well-being of the American people. 

He’s outlined clear, simple steps that every single American can take to “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of the virus: Stay home if you are sick. Wash your hands. Avoid large crowds. Don’t touch your face. 

He’s slashed red tape at the Food and Drug Administration to fast-track the development of coronavirus therapies and vaccines, with the phase one clinical trial of a potential vaccine starting in record time last week.  

He’s worked with our neighbors to the north and south to restrict non-essential travel across our borders.  

He’s directed the Small Business Administration to provide low-interest disaster loans to distressed businesses and signed legislation providing over $7.5 billion to federal, state and local agencies to combat the coronavirus. 

Back in January, while Democrats were staging a last-ditch effort to remove a duly elected president through a sham impeachment process, President Trump was declaring the coronavirus a public health emergency and implementing travel restrictions from China that experts have said has saved countless lives.

All these unprecedented actions President Trump has taken point to the reason the American people elected him in the first place – they knew he was a leader who would always fight for them and put their interests first. 

While many Americans are understandably feeling apprehensive, they can also be confident in knowing our commander-in-chief will stop at nothing to keep all Americans safe and get them the support they need during these difficult days.  

This invisible enemy poses unique challenges, but with President Trump’s continued leadership and God’s help, we will meet this moment together, win this war, and come out a stronger – and more compassionate – America on the other side.

Ronna McDaniel is chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.

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