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(Baltimore) Cruising around the poor neighborhoods of this troubled city it is easy to see why millions of Americans want to destroy free enterprise and allow a giant federal government to take care of them. The false promise of Bernie Sanders is just another in a long line of political deception. The truth is simply too difficult for some Americans to hear.

Thousands of Baltimoreans live in hovels, surrounded by degenerate criminals selling narcotics and threatening lethal violence at any time. Liberal authorities now demand sympathy for these brutal poison pushers and the result is that millions of honest poor people all over the country are trapped in their dire circumstance.

They can't flee because they have no money. Their lack of resources almost always correlates to a poor education. Simply put; these Americans cannot compete for a decent salary. And so they are prisoners, dependent on government subsidies to survive and subject to the daily indignities of danger and decay.

President Barack Obama promised impoverished folks and all Americans “hope and change.” But little changed during his eight years in office except more hopelessness. That feeling often leads to addiction, making poverty and crime even worse. Baltimore is the poster city for that.

Mr. Obama tried to improve the lives of the poor but, again, did not succeed. His “income redistribution” economic polices caused corporations and small businesses to freeze. Hiring was scant and salaries stagnant. Capitalism works best when the marketplace expands and workers are needed to increase profits. That did not happen under President Obama.

Donald Trump has done better in the economic area but he is not going to improve the ghettos of Baltimore. That’s because no government can do that. If an American cannot perform a job effectively, he or she will face deprivation no matter what promises charlatans like Sanders and Warren make.

The solution to poverty is education but the cold truth is that honesty does not exist in the public school system because if you do tell the truth, you will be branded a racist.

So here is the unvarnished truth: Children from chaotic homes with irresponsible parents need the confidence that comes with individual achievement. And in order to achieve you need discipline and motivation. All students must respect the boundaries imposed by the educational process or they will fail in life. Got it, Bernie?

Therefore, every public school student in this country should be required to wear a uniform provided by the state. That will send a message to the child that they are involved in a serious enterprise that will require cooperation from each of them.

Students should learn at a reasonable pace, and be taught the essentials of life in the United States. Not be given a curriculum of victimhood and failure. Social promotion should be banished.

But left in America opposes those things and provides a constant drumbeat that it’s impossible for non-affluent citizens to succeed. The kids hear that.

Public schools must repudiate that terrible lie.

Those students who refuse to cooperate, should be placed in therapeutic schools, where they can get personalized support - not be allowed to disrupt other students who want to succeed on society’s terms.

It is my belief that committed leftists like Bernie Sanders really don’t care about elevating poor Americans because self-reliance and disciplined learning is the key to fighting poverty - not a giant state apparatus which the socialists adore.

Bernie’s bro Fidel Castro used his power to insure most Cubans stay poor. That’s what happens when the state runs things.

Back in the USA, hope becomes sparse when a child has derelict parents and lives in a violent neighborhood. The only chance is to educate that child well and tell the kids the truth: learning, hard work, and honesty is your ticket to success in life.

Sadly, that is not even close to happening in today’s America.

Bill O'Reilly is a former Fox News Channel host. His website is billoreilly.com.

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