Could Missouri's Eric Greitens Make a Political Comeback?   

Could Missouri's Eric Greitens Make a Political Comeback?   
AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File
Could Missouri's Eric Greitens Make a Political Comeback?   
AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File
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The Brett Kavanaugh hearings, the Russia collusion hoax, and the Nancy Pelosi-driven impeachment process show how far liberals and the deep state are willing to go to weaponize the justice system and the process of “investigations” against conservatives and President Trump. In Missouri, however, we may have some hope that the tide of justice is beginning to turn.   

This week, Kim Gardner -- one of George-Soros’ hand-picked prosecutors -- will finally have to comply with a judge’s order and testify about her and her investigator’s conduct in bringing a false charge against former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens.  

Gardner is not the only prosecutor being funded by Soros. In fact, Soros has spent millions to fund prosecutors all over the country. And it appears that national liberals are concerned about Gardner’s fate. The day before Gardner is going to finally answer questions, she’s holding a rally billed as “Seven Great Prosecutors Converge on St. Louis to Support Kimberly M. Gardner.” And who funded six of those prosecutors? Yes, George Soros.  

Liberals are right to be concerned. An ex-FBI agent handpicked by Gardner, personally hired by her at taxpayer expense, and supervised only by her has been charged with seven felonies. It’s becoming clear that Gardner worked with the ex-FBI agent to stage an “investigation” into Greitens when in fact the ex-FBI agent’s “reports” were based on Gardner’s own work, complete with fabricated statements. Gardner later dropped the case against Greitens when she was going to have to testify under oath.   

The damage done to Greitens was immense, and not just by Gardner and Soros. Greitens also had to fight against a gang of political insiders, some in his own party, who were determined to push him out. In a legislative “investigation” that would have made both Adam Schiff and Joseph Stalin proud, politicians -- many of them establishment Republicans -- called witnesses in secret, did not allow Greitens or his lawyers to question his accusers, and fed a series of false and misleading reports to the press. Sound familiar?   

Greitens’ family was saddled with millions of dollars in legal bills, endured months of fake news attacks, and -- given the coordination of insiders -- faced the prospect of millions more in legal bills and endless harassment. Greitens resigned to spare his family a lifetime of debt, was exonerated of all charges, and said as he left office: “We’ll let history judge the fairness of this process.” That judgment seems to be coming in quick.  

Why did a Soros-backed prosecutor go after Greitens? It’s simple. Greitens was an outsider. He was popular with people. And he was emerging as one of the nation’s leading conservatives.   

Greitens is a former Navy SEAL who served four tours in the global war on terrorism. He came home with a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, and then donated his own combat pay to found one of the nation’s leading organizations to help save the lives and souls of returning wounded veterans.  He was named by Fortune magazine as one of the 50 greatest leaders in the world. 

National Democrats saw him as a threat early on. So early, in fact, that liberal Democrats attacked him in the Republican primary in 2016, hoping to run against anyone but him. Greitens withstood the attack, carried the primary, and eventually won 110 of Missouri’s 114 counties in the general election.  

In office, Greitens did what he promised he would do.  He banned gifts from lobbyists, defeated a pay raise for politicians, cut taxes, called a special session to pass pro-life legislation, and fired people who were failing veterans. 

Greitens also took on the Republican establishment. When Republicans seemed to put political interests ahead of working-class jobs, Greitens -- supported by busloads of workers -- stormed the Capitol and got a bill passed to open steel mills in Missouri. He also ended a twisted tax credit program that dumped millions of dollars into the pockets of insiders and lobbyists, and instead fully funded Missouri’s education system for the first time in decades.   

Greitens was a staunch defender of the Second Amendment while in office. He opposed Obamacare expansion and stood up against sanctuary cities. 

All of that made him a prime target for both liberals and insiders. 

Greitens had campaigned as a warrior, but like Achilles he also had a heel. Before taking office, he had an affair. He had talked about it with his family. It was a private and closed matter. Then Soros’ prosecutor stepped in. After a “journalist” who had previously worked in the circuit attorney’s office made the woman’s story public against her wishes, Gardner had a secret meeting in an Illinois hotel room with the woman.   

Gardner then called her handpicked ex-FBI agent and they began to manufacture the politically motivated “investigation.” Gardner charged Greitens with taking a photograph of the woman he had an affair with and threatening to blackmail her. It was a fabricated story. 

Gardner admitted in court that she had no evidence to support her charge. In fact, no evidence of any kind ever emerged to support Gardner’s story. No photograph. No evidence of blackmail. The woman testified under oath that she had never seen a photograph of any kind. She also testified multiple times and at length that she had never even seen a phone or a camera of any kind. When Gardner’s team realized how quickly the whole façade of a case was collapsing, they pushed the woman under oath to say something; she then said that she might have seen a phone in “a dream.” 

The political prosecution of Greitens came before the farce that was the Brett Kavanaugh spectacle. Thus, many normal people hadn’t yet realized how the legal and investigative process could be viciously politicized against conservatives who are a threat to liberals.

There is a pattern emerging in America. Liberals will tolerate Republicans who play along to get along. But when a conservative outsider who represents a threat to politics as usual comes along, liberals move in force. 

They politicize the legal and investigative process. They attack the outsiders in the media. They co-opt Republicans who are willing to act as saboteurs. And they cost the outsiders and their families millions of dollars in legal bills. 

All of these tactics are regularly used against the president and his allies. Remember all of the “investigations” into former U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, a Navy SEAL veteran? Same playbook: threaten a good man with a lifetime of debt and call it “justice.” This isn’t a playbook that conservatives can accept. We need to fight back.     

In boxing, you can win a round, lose a round, and still go on to win the fight. Before he served as a SEAL, Greitens was an amateur boxing champion. But will he step into the political ring again to take on insiders and liberals? If he does, we’re likely to see a knock-down bloodbath. 

Any patriot -- regardless of party -- should be very concerned about what the political establishment did to Greitens and what they’re doing to the rule of law. The Roman Republic ended when Julius Caesar was given a choice: come home to face a politically motivated prosecution or bring his army over the Rubicon. Today there’s no army waiting across the Potomac. But if Americans’ confidence in the rule of law is shattered by political prosecutions, it won’t take an army to tear our great republic apart. Here’s to hoping for a sober turn towards justice and the resurrection and elevation of good leaders. 

Steve Hantler is a retired auto industry executive.

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