Impeachment Messaging for Team Trump

Impeachment Messaging for Team Trump
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
Impeachment Messaging for Team Trump
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
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“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

James C. Humes made that keen observation reflecting upon his decades of speechwriting for Republican presidents from Dwight Eisenhower to Ronald Reagan. In politics, being merely right on the merits isn’t enough. The messaging must also hit the mark. As someone who has made the case for President Trump and the American nationalist agenda for the past three years, often in incredibly hostile settings, I see three themes to message through -- and beyond -- impeachment.

Don’t Major in the Minors

Now that Adam Schiff has launched the public phase of these star chamber proceedings, it is imperative that those of us standing by the president in the mass media avoid getting mired in trivialities. Focus on what really matters and avoid getting bogged down in every intricate detail of the farcical case against him. Yes, some actors in this imbroglio must confront the minutiae, especially Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee. But the vast majority of Americans quickly tire of a deep dive into an unknown cast of characters enmeshed in a country far away that has little import for America.

To this point, there is only one salient question: Was the information Donald Trump requested from Ukraine’s president useful to the American people? If so, then additional benefits to his 2020 campaign are incidental and immaterial. As a steward of the hard-earned tax money of the American people, the president requested an investigation into corruption in a country rife with fraud. He did not mandate a pre-determined outcome. If the Ukrainians’ inquiry additionally happened to uncover underhandedness on the part of the past vice president of the United States, surely such information would be vital to American voters. Stick to this one question.

Expose the Accusers

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her lieutenants began the hearings by trotting out a cast of liberal ideologues masquerading as politically neutral bureaucrats. As for congressional Democrats, they have revealed themselves to be rabid and duplicitous. Shining a bright light on them reveals the sham, utterly partisan, nature of this entire inquest.

Pelosi and Shadow Speaker of the House (and de facto leader of the Socialist Spice Girls “Squad”) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes actually gave the game away. The latter admitted that impeachment is in reality “about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year,” meaning the 2020 election. But Adam Schiff really takes the prize. For two years, he promised incessantly on cable news that he possessed information proving a Trump campaign collusion conspiracy regarding Russia. He appeared so often on CNN that I suspect he got his mail at our Washington bureau. So when special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s report contained almost none of what Schiff promised it would, did he hide his face in shame as a normal person would do? Nope. He marches into the plains of Ukraine, undeterred and seemingly incapable of embarrassment. If we on Team Trump consistently highlight the deceitfulness of these accusers, the people will rally to the side of our harassed president.

Unmask the Media

As I have catalogued extensively, a crisis of journalism afflicts our Fourth Estate. Far too many media operators assume the role of hardened partisan activists posing as reporters. Most legacy media platforms now function as wholesale public relations arms of the Democratic Party. Consider, for example, that per a Media Research Center study of network newscasts in recent weeks, fully 96% of impeachment-related coverage was hostile to the president. During this same period, despite a literal torrent of incredible economic news in America, those same CBS, NBC, and ABC broadcasts dedicated less than 1% of total news coverage to the booming economy.

Regarding ABC, that network has still not sufficiently addressed the scandalous suppression of a damning Jeffrey Epstein story that was revealed by Project Veritas’s tape of “Good Morning America” broadcaster Amy Robach. I formerly recoiled at Trump’s use of the phrase “enemy of the people” to describe the mainstream media. With this ABC revelation, showing a network apparently covering up for a powerful and prolific pedophile, seemingly to protect powerful interests including the Clintons, our press deserves that harsh appellation. We MAGA media figures must unmask the press for its connivance with the impeachment instigators.

If we correctly master the art of communication – the language of leadership – we can transform this unfortunate diversion into a propellant. With the right messaging, Donald J. Trump will not just persist through impeachment, but prevail over it, and vault the America First movement to another victory next November.

Steve Cortes is a contributor to RealClearPolitics and a CNN  political commentator. His Twitter handle is @CortesSteve.

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