Dems Have Been Impeaching President Trump Since Day One

Dems Have Been Impeaching President Trump Since Day One
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
Dems Have Been Impeaching President Trump Since Day One
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
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“People say, ‘You changed your mind.’ I didn’t change my mind,” says Nancy Pelosi. This is true. Democrats have been impeaching President Trump since day one.  

To impeach does not just mean our constitutional process to remove a president for high crimes and misdemeanors, or, in this case, Democrats kowtowing to a radical base to jam through proceedings before their case falls apart. To impeach also means “to cast doubt on." 

And that is exactly what Democrats and their allies in the media have done since Nov. 9, 2016. Accepting the fact they all got it so wrong would require painful self-reflection. It is much easier to divert, disparage, and discredit. Otherwise the American people would not learn their lesson. Millions of “deplorables” could get the wrong idea that the swamp is supposed to work for them. 

When Ms. Pelosi says the “facts changed the situation,” she is really saying that now the Democrats have finally settled on an excuse to satisfy their mission. Russia was so 2016, 2017, 2018, and, well, 2019 (up until about July 24). Now it would be Ukraine! But let us not delude ourselves that Democrats are interested in the facts. If Ms. Pelosi were, she would not have come out in favor of impeachment without having seen a shred of evidence — the transcript of the phone call with Ukraine, or even the so-called whistleblower’s complaint, who, with the help of Democrat attorneys, came up with accusations based on no firsthand knowledge but anonymous gossip. If Democrats were concerned with facts, Adam Schiff would not have had to create fake dialogue during his melodramatic hearing. Clearly the real thing — no quid pro quo since the “favor” was about getting to the bottom of election meddling in 2016, not 2020 — is not getting the job done. Otherwise The New York Times and The Washington Post would not have had to slice and dice the transcript on their front pages. All the news that fits the narrative, and “Democracy dies in darkness,” as they say. 

It has never been about evidence, or actual wrongdoing. Democrats and the media will settle for salacious smears, conspiracy theories, and baseless anonymous claims from the resistance — both inside and outside government — as long as wrongdoing is perceived. Journalistic norms, our core institutions are just collateral damage in the never-ending pursuit to make Donald Trump’s presidency illegitimate. It did not matter how many times a cloud would be lifted, i.e. the wild accusations designed to harm his administration all fell apart. The object was creating the cloud in the first place. An air of doubt that President Trump’s historic victory was somehow not on the level. That would mean voters did not reject liberalism and a corrupt political establishment at the ballot box. That would let the establishment off the hook. 

This unrelenting campaign of lie/leak/spin/repeat comes from the same people who, while still unable to grapple with the results of the last presidential election, are casting doubt that President Trump will accept the results of the next one. 

Here is a history lesson. In 2016, millions of Americans stepped out of line and voted against the politically correct, and the politically connected. We wanted our voices heard, common sense restored in Washington, and leaders who would place the interests of Americans first, within and outside of our borders. We were tired of being forced to live by the rules of self-righteous elites that they themselves never follow. We were tired of empty promises, our jobs going overseas, all while politicians used their power to enrich themselves.    

But those are difficult realities that require actual change. And that is what voters are finally getting with Donald Trump: a man of his word. It is a record of accomplishment and promise-keeping hard to contend with.

It is easier for Democrats to project and try to damage President Trump politically by putting an asterisk next to his name where one does not belong. Otherwise, Democrats would have to listen to the American people. They may have refused to get the message the first time. But do not worry: We will be heard loud and clear again next November. 

Liz Harrington is the national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee.

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