Sink Urged to Run Against Jolly Again

Sink Urged to Run Against Jolly Again
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Democrats are "very aggressively" lobbying former Florida CFO Alex Sink to challenge newly elected Rep. David Jolly in November, according to CNN. The Republican attorney and former lobbyist defeated Sink in a closely watched special election last month. 

“I’m told the House Democratic leadership reached out to her and convinced her to leave the door open,” said CNN’s John King about the possibility of Sink running again in Florida’s 13th Congressional District. “Now they are lobbying her publicly and privately very aggressively to get her into the race.” 

Sink, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in 2010, went into Election Day last month a narrow favorite to beat Jolly, who was considered a flawed candidate. But the latter ultimately prevailed, 48.5 percent to 46.6 percent. 

King explained that Democrats believe Sink has a significantly better chance in November than she did in the low-turnout special election. He said strategists have “run an analysis and they think this: With Charlie Crist as the Democratic nominee for governor -- he used to be a Republican, but he’s a Democrat now -- [and] in that particular area, Crist is very popular. They’ve run a new voter model that says even though she lost the special election by two points, they think she would win in November by about a point and a half.” 

Sink has not indicated whether she will enter the race, and her victory would be far from assured. King asserted that Democrats are still trying to “talk her into taking that risk.”

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