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How Was Hurricane Ida Covered On Television News?


How was Hurricane Ida covered on television news? The timeline below shows how many daily mentions the hurricane received across CNN, MSNBC and Fox News through September 4, showing that despite its heavy damage it only received a few days of elevated mentions.

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CNN mentioned the storm the most, almost twice as much as Fox News.

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Looking just at mentions of Louisiana and New Orleans, the timeline below shows that it received just two days of elevated coverage before quickly fading, offering a reminder of just how quickly the media moves on from stories.

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The timeline below shows mentions of New York City, showing a one-day peak surrounding the city's flooding, with CNN dominating coverage. CNN mentioned New York City 244 times that day, compared with 629 mentions on its peak day of coverage of Louisiana and New Orleans. That works out to CNN's one-day peak coverage of New York City's flooding giving the city 39% the peak day mentions it gave to all of the destruction across all of Louisiana. On MSNBC the number was 13% and on Fox News it was 29%. This offers a stark reminder that events in major coastal cities can receive outsized attention compared to much larger events in other states.

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