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Jim Jordan: Immigration Surge Driven By "Crazy Biden Policies"


Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told FNC's Maria Bartiromo on "Sunday Morning Futures" that the border crisis is fueling the drug epidemic in the U.S., arguing that Democrats want to "put their head in the sand."

JORDAN: The Democrats want to put their head in the sand, because the Judiciary Committee is yet to have a full hearing on this.

We haven't had a -- we're the committee of jurisdiction yet to have anyone come in. I would love to have Secretary Mayorkas come in and talk to us, answer questions. At least he's been to the border. We know the vice president and the president hasn't.

But you're exactly right. These cartels, they're in the drug moving business, and they're in the people moving business, and they're exploiting people, as even the FBI director now understands. This is how serious it is. And Congress is supposed to do investigation, supposed to do hearings.

But the Judiciary Committee, under the control of Democrats, will not do it. And it's terrible. It's wrong. I hope they will have a change of mind and we will actually focus on this issue...

I give -- my hat's off to Tom McClintock, who's the top Republican on the Immigration Subcommittee of the full Judiciary Committee. Look, Joe Biden won't go to the border. Kamala Harris won't go to the border. When Secretary Mayorkas did go to the border, he wouldn't let the press in, because they don't want the country to fully understand just how serious the situation is and what is actually happening to these people who, as Mr. McClintock pointed out, Maria, are being trafficked, and then having to send money back to these organized crime -- these terrible cartels.

This is how crazy it is. And it's all driven by the crazy policies that the Biden administration put in place, where they said, we're not going to deport anyone, we're not going to build the wall, and we're going to get rid of the remain-in-Mexico policy.

And we get this chaotic situation that we have now seen over the last several months. Each month sets a new record for illegal immigrants coming into our country.
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