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Romney: "Pretty Sure" Trump Would Win GOP Nomination In 2024


Sen. Mitt Romney said he thinks former President Trump would win the 2024 Republican presidential nomination if he chooses to run for it, during a conversation with The New York Times’s Andrew Ross Sorkin at the DealBook DC Policy Project on Tuesday.

"Populism is successful because it’s popular," Romney said. "There’s a populist movement on the right in this country and on the left. They’re not going away any time soon. Although I think over time policies that endure, and that really help the American family, will be more successful. So, I remain, if you will, a more traditional conservative than some of the populist rhetoric within my party."

"Will President Trump continue to play a role in my party? I’m sure he will," Romney said. "I don’t know if he’ll run in 2024 or not, but if he does, I’m pretty sure he will win the nomination."

He conceded that "a lot can happen between now and 2024," but according to the poll he’s seen, "if you put President Trump in there among Republicans, he wins in a landslide."

How would the senator vote in the general election, in that case? “I would not be voting for President Trump again. I haven’t voted for him in the past. I would be getting behind somebody in the tiny wing of the Republican Party that I represent."

Read more from Romney's comments via the New York Times.
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