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Pence: "We're Going To Make America Great Again, Again"


During a campaign stop at a Wisconsin dairy farm, VP Mike Pence promised to "make America great again, again":

MIKE PENCE: I want to say “thank you” again. I want to say “thank you” for the resilience and the character and strength shown not just by the farmers around this table, but all the farmers that are gathered and any of you that might be looking on.

You know, I’ve long believed that adversity doesn’t create character; adversity reveals character. And the character of the American farmer has really shown forth in the last four months. It was the farmers, the dairy farmers, the production of agriculture — never stopped. Never stopped working, never stopped doing their job. Rolled their sleeves up and made it happen, and kept food on the table for the American people.

I think it’s one of the reasons that — it’s one of the reasons why when I try to read that Good Book every morning, how often I read about the farmer. The verses often say, “Consider the farmer,” because the truth is that, in these last four months and all throughout the long history of this country, it’s been the faith and the character of the farmer that’s really been a wellspring of American strength.

And so I want to thank you for your inspiration. I want to thank you for your faith. I want to thank you for the way you’ve served the American people during this trying time. And I want to promise you that President Trump and I, and our entire team, are going to work our hearts out in the next four months and in the next four years to advance the prosperity and opportunities for every American farmer and every American rancher. As you stand on that firm foundation, we’re going to make sure that American agriculture is stronger and more prosperous than ever before.

And with four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House, and with American agriculture prospering, and with these challenging days someday soon behind us, we’re going to make America great again, again.
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