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Trump: Lincoln's Contribution To Black Community "Questionable"


President Donald Trump, in an interview with FOX News host Harris Faulkner, talked about former President Abraham Lincoln and who has done more to help the black community.

HARRIS: I want to talk with you about revitalization in black communities, the focus of the opportunity zone that you put into place. I think it was late 2017.

TRUMP: Tim Scott – great senator.  
HARRIS: Senator Tim Scott. How does all of that fit into talking with the protesters? And people right now wanting for the black community—and not just blacks, but communities of color, people who are disadvantaged in general, I mean, the economy is the great unifier, right?
TRUMP: I think I’ve done more for the black community than any other president. And let's take a pass on Abraham Lincoln, because he did good. Although it's always questionable, you know, in other words, the end result.
HARRIS: Well, we are free, Mr. President. He did pretty well.
TRUMP: We are free. Well, you understand what I mean? You know, I got to take a pass on a Honest Abe, as we call it.
HARRIS: But you say you say you've done more than anybody.
TRUMP: Well, look. Criminal justice reform. Nobody else could. I've done it. I did it. I didn't get a lot of notoriety. And the fact the people I did it for then go on television and thank everybody but me and they needed me to get it done. And I got it done. And I got five or six Republicans Senators who had no interest in getting it done. And they were great. And we got it done. We did that. The historically black colleges and universities were not funded. They weren't funded. I got them funded on a long term basis and took care of. I became friendly every year for three years. You know the story. They were the heads, the deans, the heads, the presidents, the universities and colleges would come up. I got to know them—44 or so people would come up to the Oval Office. First year was normal. I said, all right, let's do second year. I said, why are you back again? Don't they? Third year? I said, why are you here? They said, because for many years we've had to come back here every single year. One of them, great people who said, we have to beg for money. I said, you shouldn't be begging. You should be back at your colleges or universities and you should be teaching and doing the job. I got them long term money more than they had, much more than they had. And I got it permanent. They don't have to come back into Washington, D.C. I said the only bad part is I won't see you again maybe. It was true. So I like 44 guys. They were great people. But I took care of that. Opportunity zones. I did that. Prison reform.
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