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Nadler: Trump A "Dictator," Must Be Removed From Office


House impeachment manager Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) calls President Trump a "dictator" at the Senate impeachment trial.

REP. JERRY NADLER (D-NY): Stated simply, President Trump's categorical blockade of the House, his refusal to honor any subpoenas, his order that all subpoenas—not even knowing what they were—all subpoenas be defied, has no analog in the history of the republic," Nadler said on the Senate floor. "Nothing even comes close. He has engaged in obstruction that several of his predecessors have expressly said is forbidden and that led to an article of impeachment against Nixon.

If he is not removed from office, if he is permitted to defy the Congress entirely—categorically—to say that subpoenas from Congress in an impeachment inquiry are nonsense," Nadler continued, " then we will have lost—the House will have lost, the Senate certainly will have lost—all power to hold any president accountable.

"This is a determination by President Trump that he wants to be all-powerful, he does not have to respect the Congress, he does not have to respect the representatives of the people, only his will goes. He is a dictator.

This must not stand, and this is... another reason why he must be removed from office.

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