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Nunes: Phase Two Of Impeachment Circus Begins This Week


GOP Rep. Devin Nunes joined FNC's Jeanine Pirro Saturday evening to give his take on the first week of public impeachment inquiry hearings into President Trump:

JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS: We heard what we all thought was your closing at the end of this impeachment inquiry, or whatever they call it, and it was concise, it was forceful and factual, and then Adam Schiff gets to do his thing. But did they give you any indication of what's coming next?

REP. DEVIN NUNES: This coming week, Jerry Nadler is going start phase two of the circus. Jerry Nadler has been in the witness protection program for several months after he botched the Mueller probe. So we'll see how this goes, supposedly we'll talk about the constitutionality of impeachment.

And look, during the Nixon impeachment hearings, you had an actual break-in. You knew what the crime was. During Clinton's impeachment, you knew he lied to a grand jury.

In the last two weeks, we were able to expose not only did they not have a quid pro quo, they had to change to it bribery until John Ratcliffe pointed out the only person accused of bribery in Adam Schiff's "Star Chamber" in the basement of the capitol was Joe and Hunter Biden.

PIRRO: Apparently there was a guy named Mark Sandy who worked in the Office of Management and Budget. He said the hold-up of the money, which was released September 11, he said that hold-up had to do with the contributions by other countries. We have some tweets from Lee Zeldin. It says the transcript for OMB's Mark Sandy, was just released -- the only reason he was ever given about the hold on aid to Ukraine was the president's concern about other countries not contributing more to Ukraine -- not bribery or quid-pro-quo. He says the definitive answer from OMB was entirely about the president's desire to make sure other countries were contributing as well. The Democrats will try to turn this into something other than that. What do you hear?

NUNES: If you were really super bored over the last two weeks and watched every single minute of the impeachment inquisiting in the House Intel Committee -- now the House Impachment Committee -we actually raised this. This was is the top civil servant that controls the money. If you want a one-stop-shop, somebody who had to make this call, this was a very important witness, which is why Adam Schiff and the Democrats brought them into the star chamber on a Saturday and decided to not release the transcript.

I actually brought this up so my colleagues. We said, wait, why don't you release the transcript so the American people can see from the top civil service bureaucrat what he actually said. And it's not a secret. Donald Trump wants more countries to pay their fair share.

PIRRO: They have been saying that from the beginning. I want to talk about December 9. The inspector general report on the FISA is coming out December 9. Last weekend I had Carter Page on the show. Carter Page is the subject of the warrant who was essentially used as some kind of a view into the Trump campaign. He said he never had the opportunity to see the FISA report when people like Andrew McCabe who is referred for criminal prosecution a year and a half ago. Why is Carter Page not allowed to see that report?

NUNES: Well, partly the whole idea of the inspector general, the inspector general only looks at the Department of Justice and FBI and how they handled the FISA. That's it.

The inspector general can't go out and get people to come in and testify. He's very limited in his powers. He can't prosecute anyone, he can only make criminal referrals. So the idea that some of the people who went out and were part of this, that were interviewed. That's who you are hearing from. You are hearing from the people who did bad things. That's why what you are seeing in the news media leaking now, it's the version that the dirty cops have, not probably what the real version is.

PIRRO: I want to talk about this guy Clinesmith who is mentioned in some reports. They are saying he's a low-level FBI agent who made changes to the warrant, but it didn't effect it. He called Republicans, "the crazies have finally won." He called President Trump stupid and tweeted "viva la resistance." He's being accused of some wrongdoing. If this is the only guy accused of wrongdoing, you're going to have some trouble in this country.

NUNES: Also, this guy is not just some little French guy. Number one, he's not French. He's the lead lawyer on the Clinton investigation and on the Trump investigation during the campaign. The idea that anybody would be calling him some low-level lawyer is idiotic.

I hope -- I'm actually shocked. If he really did actually change evidence -- that's what he's being accused of -- we have to wait to see if it's true. If he doctored evidence, that's far worse than using the Democrats' dirty dossier and using fake news story. This guy would be strung up.

PIRRO: Thank you so much for being with us. We have a lot to look forward to when you guys all come back. Thank you.

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