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Schumer: Trump Called Pelosi A "Third-Rate Politician" In Heated Meeting


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer detail a contentious White House meeting with President Trump on Syria and why they walked out early. Schumer shared that the president called Pelosi a "third-rate politician" during a feisty argument.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY), SENATE MINORITY LEADER: Yeah. Thank you, Speaker, and thank you, Leader Hoyer. I told the president that being from New York, as he was, we're particularly aware of the problems, the terrorism that an organization like ISIS can create, and the fact that someone no less than General Mattis has said that ISIS has been enhanced, that the danger of ISIS is so much greater worries all of us.

I asked the President what his plan was to contain ISIS. He didn't really have one. He said the Turks and the Syrians will guard the ISIS prisoners. I said is there any intelligence evidence that the Turks and the Syrians will have the same interest that the Kurds or we did in guarding ISIS, and the Secretary of Defense was--thank God he was honest. He said we don't have that evidence.

And so, I said and how can we think that this is a plan when there are Syrians and Turks who are not our friends who ISIS, if they escape, does them very little harm? How can we let this happen? They didn't have any good answer.

This is appalling. The president had no plan, no real plan for containing ISIS other than relying on the Syrians and the Turks. And why did we spend a decade, billions of dollars, and lost lives in trying to curtail ISIS if on a phone call, on a whim, the president is going to undo all of that and turn this over to the Turks and the Syrians?

I would also say one other thing. He was insulting, particularly to the Speaker. She kept her cool completely, but he called her a third rate politician. He said that the--there are communists involved and you guys might like that. I mean, this was not a dialogue. It was sort of a diatribe, a nasty diatribe not focused on the facts, particularly the fact of how to curtail ISIS, a terrorist organization that aims to hurt the United States in our homeland.

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