Joe Scarborough: Elijah Cummings Is Braver Than Donald Trump


In a ten-minute monologue, Monday morning on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Joe Scarborough denounced President Trump's "clumsy attempt to appeal to his most bigoted supporters" by attacking Baltimore Congressman Elijah Cummings. Scarborough said Trump's attack on Cummings "not only betrays the president’s ignorance about the country that he’s supposed to serve, but it shows how little Donald knows about my friend Elijah."

"Donald, Donald, Donald, you should know that unlike every other member of Congress, Elijah goes home to his district every single night," Scarborough said. "He lives with the community that he serves. He’s there for the good and he’s there for the bad, and there’s more good than you would ever care to learn or know about. Things like empowering minority-owned businesses... we've seen and heard about it first hand... Elijah Cummings has also been there through the bad times and he’s been braver than you, Donald. braver than most."

"Donald, Elijah Cummings has served honorably in a city racked by pain and violence long before he received his first vote as I said before. But unlike the pampered son of privilege, whose rich father bought him a diagnosis of bone spurs so he could play golf and play football and chase women while other young men of his age went to Vietnam, Elijah Cummings chose to serve through challenging times — when you were running away, like you did from the draft board," he said to Trump. "But for Elijah, that would have been easier. But he wouldn’t do it. If you want to know what Elijah Cummings does for his district, he comforts people who are frightened of you."

"I’m getting really tired of having to tell you this and please, please, please, don’t write your books about ‘how I won the war’ after Donald Trump leaves town," he said to other Republicans. "Speak up now because if you don’t, Donald Trump is going to bring you down."

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