Mark Hemingway: Exposing The Truth About Voter Rolls


RealClearInvestigations reporter Mark Hemingway talks to FOX News host Laura Ingraham about his article, "Who Will Clean Up America's Voter Rolls?"

INGRAHAM: Well, Pew Research found that 2.75 million Americans are registered to vote in two states. I guess they don't think any of that is really important. I want now to introduce you to Mark Hemingway, who did investigative work into these bloated voter rolls, and how that dynamic is rife for potential fraud down the road. Are people conspiracy theorists for worrying about voter fraud, multiple votes, people who shouldn't be voting because they are not American citizens voting?

MARK HEMINGWAY, SENIOR WRITER, REALCLEARINVESTIGATIONS: I think there's a lot of evidence to suggest that people should be concerned about this. for instance, just in Los Angeles County alone, this is one county, they recently admitted there was 1.6 million more voter registrations on file that there are citizens of voting age that live in L.A. county. That is obviously a huge problem, and it makes the place rife for fraud.

INGRAHAM: And that is why a lot of these people also, Mark, the same people saying Trump is a nut bag for saying any of this, they are against any kind of I.D. for voting. They don't believe you should really have to verify your identity per voting. It's an interesting, if you did the Venn diagram on the two groups of people, they completely overlap.

HEMINGWAY: Yes, absolutely. But the other part of this is localities and state governments have to do their due diligence on this. Federal law requires that they keep their voter rolls current, and that is not going on.

INGRAHAM: And Stacey Abrams from Georgia, remember, she was defeated in her bid to be governor of Georgia. She brought this issue up. Let's watch.


STACEY ABRAMS, FORMER GEORGIA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: More than a million citizens found their names stripped from the rolls by the secretary of state. Tens of thousands hung in limbo, rejected due to human error and a system of suppression that had already proven its bias.


INGRAHAM: That sounded really ominous, like there was an effort to willy- nilly just take people off the voter rolls, to deny them their sacred right to vote.

HEMINGWAY: Yes, this has become a Democratic talking points that regular voter list maintenance in states is somehow part of some voter suppression effort. The reality is that Stacey Abram's opponent, Brian Kemp, who was secretary of state at the time, he pulled 1.4 million people off of the voter rolls in Georgia. But he did this over a period eight years where overall registrations increased in the state. And further we now know that about 17 counties according to the latest data in Georgia have more voter registrations than voters. If anything, it appears that Brian Kemp didn't pull enough people off of the voter rolls.

INGRAHAM: He wasn't aggressive enough in cleaning up the rolls.

HEMINGWAY: Eleven percent of Americans move every single year. You throw in deaths and all these other things, voter rolls have to be maintained. And now Democrats are saying it's basically a sinister plot if you go ahead and do this.

INGRAHAM: You know what this remind me of, just the way you worded this, it reminds me of the way they treat the border, that merely enforcing current law is a racist thing. Merely deporting people who have literally been ordered deported by a federal immigration judge, that is a sinister plot. It is kind of the same thing, blurring the rule of law.

HEMINGWAY: That's absolutely true. But it's also true that negligence is a huge problem.

INGRAHAM: This report is so important. We're going to have you on the podcast next week. Thank you for doing this.

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