Full Replay: Trump MAGA Rally In Green Bay


President Donald Trump held a "Make America Great Again" rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin Saturday night.

Trump riffed about his support for Saudi Arabia during his speech, saying: "You have people wanting to cut off Saudi Arabia. They bought $450 billion. I don’t want to lose them!,"

"But the military, we subsidize them," he added. "I called the king. I like the king. I said, king! We’re losing our ass defending you, king, and you have a lot of money!"

He also talked about his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, saying the U.S. could not comply with the agreement because it would be sued by Greenpeace, while China could.

"If Greenpeace goes to China, that’s the end of Greenpeace. You’re not going to see them again," he said. "We adhere to these things. It’s a little different."

Trump said the U.S. "would have lost our ass on that deal.”

"I say, take a look at Paris on a Saturday afternoon. How are they doing, good?" he asked. "How are the yellow vests doing?"

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