McCabe: Trump Displaying Classic "Criminal Enterprise Behavior"


MSNBC: Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe joins Nicolle Wallace to discuss his involvement in opening the counterintelligence investigation into the president, Trump’s repeated attacks, and the similarities between Team Trump and the mob.

"This is classic kind of criminal enterprise behavior," McCabe said of Trump. "You have a very strong leader who rules by the force of will and personality who demands unquestioned loyalty from those people around him. That is an act of self-preservation. That leader knows that he's got to have that loyalty. He's got to be sure that people are on his side. If you're not on his side, you're against him. If you don't have that it's a threat to his very existence. These are some of the same traits I saw interacting with the president and the folks in his administration, some of them."

Watch the second part of the interview:

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