Tucker Carlson: How The Left Lost The Kavanaugh Fight


Tucker Carlson delivers commentary on anti-Kavanaugh tactics by the "activist left and how they lost the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation fight. From Friday's Tucker Carlson Tonight:

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS HOST: The left has given up on making its own case. Activists no longer try to convince anyone of anything. Instead, they scream and bully. As a tactic, this can be effective. It worked many years for the Mafia, for example. But there is a cost to it, especially when it is on television. Normal people find it scary and unreasonable because that is exactly what it is: scary and unreasonable. The left is going too far, and it is alienating even liberal Republicans like Susan Collins...

If there’s one thing we learned during the last month, it’s what the activist left really thinks. And a lot of people are scared by what they really think. Though actually, the term ‘think’ may be too generous. A lot of what we’re hearing isn’t the product of thinking at all. It’s the product of coordinated instructions handed down from on high and dutifully repeated by angry children. Liberals are party people. They do exactly what they are told.

(Transcript via Breitbart Video.

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