Full Trump Press Conference: Kavanaugh Facing "False Accusations"


President Trump hosts a solo press conference in New York City the day after his United Nations speech highlighting his 'America First' policies. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted that the President will discuss 'the news of the day', likely fielding questions on the bombshell allegations mounting against Judge Kavanaugh as well as his upcoming meeting with Rod Rosenstein.

"These are false accusations in certain cases, and certain cases even the media agrees with that. I can only say that what they've done to this man is incredible," Trump said of the Kavanaugh accusations.

CNN provides 6 key takeaways from the presser:

On the allegations against Kavanaugh: "And these are all false, to me. These are false accusations in certain cases, and certain cases even the media agrees with that."

On Democrats' handling of the Kavanaugh conformation process: "They’re actually con artists, because they know how quality this man is, and they have destroyed a man’s reputation."

On the possibility he could change his mind about Kavanaugh: "They're giving the women a major chance to speak. Now it's possible I'll hear that and say hey I'm changing my mind. Hey, that's possible."

On assault allegations he has faced personally: "I was accused by, I believe it was four women... who got paid a lot of money to make up stories about me," Trump said as he continued to blast the media for repeating the allegations.

On US-North Korea relations: "If I wasn't elected, you'd be in a war. And President Obama essentially said the same thing."

On rumors that he wants to fire Rod Rosenstein: "I would much prefer to keeping Rod Rosenstein."

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