Trump: "I Fell Asleep" Watching Obama Speech


President Trump negged former President Obama Friday at a speech in South Dakota, saying the speech the former president gave earlier that day caused him to fall asleep.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Somebody, very popular guy here, was just interviewing me. You know who I'm talking about, great guy. And he said, what do you think of President Obama's speech? And I said, I'm sorry, I watched it but I fell asleep.


I found he's very good -- very good for sleeping.


I think he was trying to take some credit -- he was trying to take credit for this incredible thing that's happening to our country. If the Democrats -- and I have to say this to President Obama, and it wasn't him, but would have been the same thing. If the Democrats got in with their agenda in November of almost two years ago, instead of having 4.2 up, I believe honestly you'd have 4.2 down; you'd be negative. You'd be in negative numbers right now. You'd be a negative number.


We were heading south.

And you look at those bad numbers that were there in the last couple of years, it was this way, and going in the wrong direction. It was the weakest recovery in the history of our country since, I guess, to be totally specific, because I'm not sure they've gone any further, since the Great Depression, in '20s, it was the weakest recovery we've ever had. It was barely a recovery.

And now this is called not recovery; this is called rocketship, what's happening.


And today, -- today, numbers came out, and this is something that makes me happy. The numbers were great. The job numbers were great. The numbers have been incredible. Almost from the beginning. Took me a few months to get the engine started. And we did that with regulation. I mean, we did that by freeing it up. You had pipelines that couldn't be built. I immediately approved them. Dakota.

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