Trey Gowdy: Director Comey's Recollection is Flawed


S.C. congressman Trey Gowdy joins FNC's Rucker Carlson to react to fired FBI Director James Comey's comments in an interview with 'Special Report' anchor Bret Baier and the potential legal implications of Comey's claims.

Gowdy challenges Comey to explain discrepancies between what he told Congress and what he said today.

TUCKER CARLSON: You watched the interview, what did you think of it?

REP. TREY GOWDY: A couple things. Number one, Page and Strzok he would have fired immediately. That means the two agents that were leading both the Clinton and Trump investigations should have been canned.

Director Comey's recollection is flawed if he does not remember telling Congress that his agents told him that they didn't think Flynn was lying. He needs to get his lawyers and go back and look at the transcript. We did not mishear. Maybe he misspoke, but that is in the transcript.

The double standard he's had for the past several weeks still exists. Clinton can lie and she can still be president. McCabe can lie and he's still a stand-up guy. But man, if President Trump tells any lies at all then impeachment is too good a remedy for him.

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