Full Replay: French President Macron Addresses U.S. Congress


The French President took aim at several key points of Trump's agenda in a historic speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday. Emmanuel Macron urged President Trump to stay in the Iran deal and got loud applause from Democrats when he said he knew the U.S. would rejoin the Paris climate pact "one day."

The speech happened to coincide with the 58th anniversary of then-French President Charles de Gaulle's address to a joint session of Congress.

"The 21st century has brought a series of new threats and new challenges that our ancestors might have never imagined," Macron said. "We can build the 21st-century world order based on a new breed multilateralism, based on a more effective, accountable, and results-oriented multilateralism."

He continued: "This requires more than ever the United States involvement as your role was decisive for creating and safeguarding this free world. The United States is the one who invented this multilateralism. You are the one who has to help now to preserve and reinvent it."

On Iran, he said: "Our objective is clear. Iran shall never possess any nuclear weapons. Not now, not in five years, not in 10 years, never."

"We should not abandon it if we don't have something more substantial instead. That is my position," Macron added. "Your President and your country ... will have to take its own responsibilities regarding this issue."

About climate change, he said: "Let us face it: There is no planet B."

"We must find a smoother transition to a lower carbon economy," he said.

"Because what is the meaning of our life, really, if we work and live destroying the planet while sacrificing the future of our children? ... On this issue, it may happen we have disagreements between the U.s. and France, it may happen, like in all families. That for me is a short-term aggravation. In the long run, we will have to face the long-term realities... together."

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