Laura Ingraham: Trump Busts Tyranny Of "The Expert Class"


FOX News host Laura Ingraham cites President Trump's DACA proposal and his tariff proposal as examples of President Trump bucking the "expert class" who "have been wrong on so many things over the last three decades."

INGRAHAM: The experts have been wrong on so many things over the last three decades. Think about it. They’ve been wrong on China, they were wrong on the Iraq war, they were wrong on Libya, wrong on immigration and dead wrong on trade. President Trump has promised to shake up the system on behalf of the American people, which he repeated today...

What did the GOP establishment expect after he got elected? That somehow Donald Trump would become like one of them?

Trump won by defying the conventional wisdom of the establishment, and he has continued to do just that.

Donald Trump - in politics - is an innovator and he's not afraid to break with the establishment's orthodoxy to do what he thinks, in his best judgment, is the right thing for the American people.

But his own party's fairly unimaginative old guard is running to the same failed ideas of the past that got us into the ditch we were in.

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