CNN's Chris Cuomo: Trump Ignores Domestic Abuse "On Purpose"


CNN's Chris Cuomo says President Donald Trump purposely elected not to support the women who are accusing former White House staff secretary Rob Porter of abuse, despite what the administration says about the President's position.

"Domestic abuse is an entire different echelon of concern in this society. It's a scourge, people die because of this. He knows this. He ignored it on purpose. So it's really not an open question. Does he support, does he not support -- the answer has to be no. Because he tweeted twice this morning. He can come out and clear it up whenever he wanted to -- one simple statement: victims of domestic abuse, not on my watch, make some grandiose statement about how it will never be again, everybody cherishes women. He hasn't done it. What other explanation can there be other than he does not want to? It's bad for him in part of his mind," Cuomo said Tuesday on CNN's New Day

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