Limbaugh: Trump's Televised Immigration Meeting Flawlessly Executed Rebuttal To Wolff


Rush Limbaugh on President Trump's meeting with Congressional leaders on Tuesday about immigration. (transcript via Rush Limbaugh)

RUSH LIMBAUGH: I want to give you my thought on what happened here today with Trump and this meeting, and I’m gonna go out on a limb. And a lot of you are gonna have a bit of a problem with this, but I really don’t think this meeting was about immigration today. I don’t think that’s what this was. I think the meeting about immigration was the thing, not immigration. I think this was a calculated move.

It was a brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed rebuttal to this stupid Wolff book. The pictures tell the tale. Trump is in the room dominating it, controlling it. He is cooperative. He is open. He’s tolerant. He’s understanding. He’s in total command of over 45 minutes of televised meeting on immigration. He is totally informed on the issues. He’s going back and forth with the Democrats on whatever mundane aspect of it they bring up. He is in total command of his position on this.

He was firm, and he didn’t waver, and he did it while being very amiable. It was not accidental that seated on Trump’s right was Dick Durbin and on his left was Steny Hoyer, two prominent Democrats from the Senate and the House. They were captured by the cameras paying total, rapt attention to Trump when he spoke, and they looked totally respectful. So after you watch this, how would you react to anything in the Wolff book characterizing Trump as just the opposite of this? And this was the purpose of this today.

It was not about immigration.

It was to counter the Wolff book. It was to get rid of it, it was to toss it aside, it was to rebut it. It was to nuke it. It was to dispel it. It was to render it meaningless and to have it seen for what it is: A pack of lies. Now, some people might say, “Gee, I don’t think that was good reason to do this. You don’t want to be defensive about it.” Well, I’m sure at the White House they’ll tell you this wasn’t a defensive move, that this was them on offense.

But somebody up there figured out, “Look, people are believing this crap in the Wolff book, and we’re gonna have to counter it,” and so the way they countered it was by doing something unprecedented: Televising an actual meeting on a serious piece of legislation. And, by the way, strip it all away, and it shows Trump eager to get a deal. It shows Trump eagerly cooperating with everybody.

It doesn’t show Trump beating some people upside the head and telling them to shut up, it doesn’t show Trump being domineering and uncompromising. It doesn’t show Trump as aloof or unattached or unaware. It does all of the opposite, and that’s what the meeting was. But I’m still gonna ask if any of you are concerned about that.

I’ll tell you what else. I think Trump trapped the Democrats. There’s no way the Democrats knew the media was gonna be in the meeting, no way. The Democrats did not have any idea that the meeting was to show off Trump at work. And that’s exactly what this meeting did. And the Democrats are trapped in there. Once it starts, there’s — you can see Durbin and Hoyer, I noticed a couple times they’re looking a little nervous. They realized what happened to them.

Trump’s in there nice as he can be, respectful, in total command, running the show, respectful, open to any idea, nowhere near deranged, unattached, uninterested, none of this boorish behavior that’s described, no senility and all that. And so Trump traps the Democrats and the media into showing him in total command. I mean, you look at it from that perspective, the thing is absolutely brilliant. They had no idea, they got sucked in, and they have been used.

Even Gloria Borger, grab sound bite 31 real quick. Gloria Borger, who is like anybody else in that town, wants Trump gone as soon as she can make it happen, said this on CNN.

BORGER: Can we just take a step back, first of all, and remark upon what we just watched. I mean, this wasn’t just cameras in the courtroom. This was cameras in the jury room during the deliberations. I have covered Washington for a very long time, and I have not seen anything like this. And I think the president deserves credit for this, because what we got to watch was people actually — and I turned to Dan at some point, and I said, “Is this real?”

LIMBAUGH: They were cooperating. They were getting along. They were crossing the aisle. They were civil. It was everything people say Washington isn’t anymore because of Trump. And the Democrats couldn’t dare leave. All they could do (imitating Trump), “Senator Feinstein, I want to hear what you think.”

“I want DACA, I want a clean DACA bill. I don’t want any end of chain migration, we’ll do comprehensive later.” Meanwhile, our caller, don’t forget, “You know, my kids have dreams, too, and I don’t hear the Democrats talking about dreams for my kids or anybody in this country anymore. The Democrats only seem to be concerned about dreams of people that might someday vote for ’em.”

You watch, folks. The Democrats, when they figure this out, are gonna be fit to be tied when they figure out what happened to them today. You talk about master negotiator pulling the Rug out from under a bunch of people that thought they were on the way to the 25th Amendment. He-he-he-he-he...

Just look at it this way, folks, if you’re nervous. What happened today really had nothing to do with immigration. He didn’t say anything today that he can’t walk back. He didn’t say anything today that he’s gonna have to walk back, either. It’s all good. In fact, it’s better than that. Wait till you see the Democrats when they figure out what just happened to them.

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