Ingraham: Mueller Is Trying To Undo 2016 Presidential Election


Laura Ingraham calls on special investigator Robert Mueller to resign for stacking the investigation into Russian election interference with anti-Trump "political insiders" and supporters of Clinton.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Last night we brought you an explosive, disturbing, and revealing report about FBI investigation Peter Strzok, who was relieved of his duties in the Mueller office after it was revealed he'd authored anti-Trump text messages during the 2016 presidential debates to a fellow agent.

Previously, Strzok had been a top investigator in the Hillary Clinton email probe, and was responsible for watering down the language then FBI director Comey used to describe Mrs. Clinton's use of classified information on her private email server -- isn't that neat?

The original language called her 'Grossly Negligent,' which by the way, can be a criminal violation...

But it was changed by Strzok to merely 'Extremely Careless.' Once again, Hilary ends up skating for conduct that would have put any of us behind bars.

You see Strozok was kind of a Forrest Gump of the FBI, but without any of the endearing qualities. He was present during Hillary's one and only interview with the FBI, he was the agent who interviewed Hillary's longtime aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, and then he helped grill former national security advisor Mike Flynn on January 24.

So I have a question, what the heck was Strzok's magic touch? Why, of all of the hundreds of lawyers in the FBI, was he always so lucky to get these plum assignments? Well, I think we all know why...

Let's face it. What we are seeing here is a pattern and practice of Mueller hiring known Clinton and Obama political insiders and boosters, supporters, to undo a presidential election. That was the election of Donald Trump.

What's the common denominator of the three amigos here? They all hate Trump. But beyond that, they're political adversaries. Given the gravity of the situation, all that is at stake for America, Robert Mueller needed to assemble a team of unassailable professionals. They had to run that investigation professionally and without any question. Instead, as we're documenting night after night, what Mueller did: He hired a pedigree team of obvious partisans. A revolving door from working for political opponents of Trump, to working on the investigation into Trump, and his supposed Russian ties. What a total travesty, they should all step aside... including Bob Mueller.

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