Jonathan Turley: "Hyperventilation" About Trump-Putin "Treason" Is Bizarre And Dangerous


GWU constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley joins FNC's Martha MacCallum on 'The Story' to discuss claims of Trump campaign "collusion" with Russia.

"It does reflect a level of hyperventilation we have in Washington now," he said about the story that Trump and Putin spoke over dinner at the G-20 summit. "All of a sudden there are questions of 'undisclosed meetings' These were two leaders at the G-20 meeting, with other world leaders. The fact that they had these meetings --public or not-- is not evidence of anything, certainly not of any crime."

"The problem is people are now looking through this glass darkly. Whenever they see any new meeting, they see evidence of collusion. They see what they want to see. Prosecution requires something more. First of all, define a crime. Collusion is not a crime... People are so eager to find a crime they fail to actually define it. People don't want to be in a world where a meeting like that could be treason,."

"Do you want to live in a country where treason can be defined like that?"

"People are so eager to bag a Trump that they are willing to take these crimes and take them well beyond their legal moorings," he added.

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