Sally Yates: Flynn Was A "National Security Threat"


Fired Assistant U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates is interviewed by Anderson Cooper on Tuesday's broadcast of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360.

YATES: Yes, I don't think there was anything at all unclear about the first meeting. Mr. McGahn had some additional issues he wanted to discuss. But there was nothing unclear about the first meeting.

COOPER: Can you say what the additional issues were?

YATES: Sure. There were three or four different things that he raised. The first issue that he raised was essentially, why does DoJ care if one White House official lies to another White House official?

And so we walked him back through the same things that we had discussed the day before, that it was really a whole lot more than just one White House official lying to another.

COOPER: This was the vice president of the United States being lied to…

YATES: Right.

COOPER: … who then went and told the American people.

YATES: Exactly. And then that we explained the compromise situation that this created again. So we walked back through all of those things.

COOPER: So that's why the Department of Justice was interested, because of the underlying behavior but also the potential for compromise.

YATES: Right. And we felt like…

COOPER: It was a national security threat.

YATES: Absolutely.

COOPER: You have no doubt about that?

YATES: I don't think anybody in the intel community has a doubt about that.

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