'60 Minutes' Report: How Fake News Affected 2016 Election


CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley investigates fake news for this week's broadcast of 60 Minutes. The correspondent spoke with purveyors of fake news, including Danger & Play creator Mike Cernovich. Cernovich argued that he doesn't publish fake news, he is just fighting about those "gunning" for him, such as CBS News.

Pelley continues to report on fake news in the Overtime portion of 60 Minutes:

Transcript, via CBS News:

SCOTT PELLEY: In this last election, the nation was assaulted by imposters masquerading as reporters. They poisoned the conversation with lies on the left and on the right. Many did it to influence the outcome, others, just to make a buck. The president uses the term “fake news” to discredit responsible reporting that he doesn’t like, but we’re going to show you how con-artists insert truly fake news into the national conversation with fraudulent software that scams your social media account. The stories are fake, but the consequences are real.

This past December, Edgar Welch opened fire in a Washington D.C. pizzeria. He told police he was there to rescue children forced into prostitution by Hillary Clinton. The story of Secretary Clinton’s child sex-trafficking operation, in a pizzeria, was invented before the election by fraudulent news sites and shared by millions. James Alefantis owns the restaurant.

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