Marc Lamont Hill: Police Are An "Occupying Force"


On CNN's Wednesday night coverage of unrest in Baltimore, channel commentator Marc Lamont Hill called police "an occupying force. You may recall on Monday night Hill detailed his correspondence with major gangs in Baltimore in an attempt to broker a peace truce.

DON LEMON: Do you think this was racist?

FRIEND OF POLICE OFFICE INVOLVED WITH FREDDIE GREY ARREST: That's a fair question. Are there some bad apples? Yes. But you can have racism and be black.

LEMON: Meaning that even the officers of color are co-opted by the system is what she's basically saying.

MARC LAMONT HILL: All right. so, the first part, I'm saying no to the bad apple part. We can't continue to frame law enforcement and police forces in America as simply a bunch of good natured people and there happen to be a few bad apples among them. That's not the right analysis. That's not to say that police officers at the individual level aren't great people. I know some great people who are police officers. I play basketball with them, I might drink with them, but it's something about the job itself and the structure of law enforcement in America itself that becomes an occupying force. They're an occupying force in the hood, that's my issue.

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