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Rush Limbaugh Interviews Dick Cheney

Former Vice President Dick Cheney on Rush Limbaugh 8/30/11:

RUSH: Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. What was your reaction? Every intelligence service around the world including our own said that there was little doubt Saddam Hussein was working on a serious weapons of mass destruction program, perhaps even nuclear. After the invasion, for all intents and purposes, nothing was found. What was your reaction?

VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY: Well, what I recall from the report that was done... You may remember we had an Iraq Survey Group that went in and looked at everything, and they're the ones that did not find any stockpiles. Obviously that had been falsely reported. On the other hand what they did find was that Saddam had retained the capability to go back into production on relatively short notice. He had the raw materials and the technology and the people to be able to resume his program as soon as sanctions were lifted and the inspectors disappeared from the scene. Mr. Kay, who, in fact headed up that search, said after he'd finished his work with the Survey Group that he was more concerned about the threat Saddam represented than he had been when he thought he actually had stockpiles. In other words, very concerned that Saddam was potentially somebody who would quickly get back into the business of producing WMD. Again, he's one of the few people who not only had produced it in the past, he'd also used it in the past. So to say that there was no WMD, that's sort of the conventional wisdom that's out there, but what it was is there were no stockpiles, but there clearly was the capacity -- as well as, supposedly, the intention -- to go back into that business on short notice.

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