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Good morning, it's Tuesday, June 1, 2021. This is Tom Kavanagh, filling in for Carl this week. Actually, “filling in” overstates my role, since Carl’s shoes are truly unfillable. In the spirit of the Morning Note, however, I’ll point out that 157 years ago this week, the Battle of Cold Harbor got underway. Stretching out over 13 bloody days, the fighting near Mechanicsville, Va., was among the most lethal in the Civil War, and Francis Sempa revisits Ulysses S. Grant’s regrets over it in an essay at RealClearHistory.

With that Cannonesque nod to the past, I'd point you to our front page, which aggregates, as it does each day, an array of columns and stories spanning the political spectrum. We also offer a complement of original material from RCP reporters and contributors, including the following:

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Group of Tech Execs Takes On Social Media Censorship. Susan Crabtree reports on a nonpartisan group, the 1st & 14th Institute, formed to protect Bill of Rights’ guarantees of free speech and due process.

Santorum Spoke the Truth. CNN Can’t Handle the Truth. Penny Nance assails the news channel for terminating the conservative commentator for espousing principles that underpin our nation’s founding. 

The Civic-Education Battles. Peter Berkowitz assesses one thinker’s attempt to broker a viable accord on the contentious front.

Voter Photo IDs Are the Rule in Europe and Elsewhere. John R. Lott Jr. reports for RealClearInvestigations that democracies across the pond have instituted strict voting regimes driven by hard lessons of fraud.

Reading Between the Lines of Biden’s Budget. At RealClearPolicy, James Capretta warns that many proposals include few details on how they would work or what the new spending would mean for deficits. 

Regulating App Stories Would Harm Consumers. Also as RCPolicy, Jessica Melugin argues that governmental intervention is unneeded and would drive up the cost of apps. 

The Glaring Flaw in Postal Service Reform Legislation. At RealClearMarkets, Paul Steidler spotlights a provision that will degrade if not eliminate sound accounting and cost management practices. 

Wuhan Theory Is Manna for Fauci. RCM editor John Tamny writes that new credence being given to a lab leak as the source of the epidemic allows the infectious disease expert to displace blame for his own incorrect pronouncements. 

Grant’s Cold Harbor Regret. At RealClearHistory, Francis P. Sempa has the story.

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