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Good morning, it’s Tuesday, March 2, 2021. Today is the 117th birthday of Dr. Seuss, real name Theodor Geisel, who made a career out of making children laugh and adults think. And sometimes the other way around.

He certainly got political satirist Art Buchwald chuckling, and thinking, in 1974 as the Watergate scandal consumed Washington. Ted Geisel sent the liberal columnist a Dr. Seuss book he’d written two years earlier titled “Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!”

In the copy the author sent to Buchwald, he exchanged Marvin Mooney’s name for Richard Nixon’s (which is how some people read it in 1972). Buchwald, naturally, turned it into a column. Although Geisel was a loyal Democrat, today I suspect he’d send the book to Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger. Certainly, to Mitt Romney; perhaps even to Mitch McConnell.

Dr. Seuss and Art Buchwald are gone now, however, so in a moment I’ll render the updated version, channeling the presumed desires of the aforementioned Republicans.

First, I’d direct you to our front page, which aggregates, as it does each day, an array of columns and stories spanning the political spectrum. This morning’s lineup includes Heather Mac Donald on the recent wave in violent crime (City Journal); Juan Williams on Republicans twisting themselves into ethical pretzels over a certain ex-president (The Hill); Karen House on the Biden administration’s handling of Saudi Arabia (New York Sun); and Donald McNeil tells his side of the N-word story (Medium). We also offer a complement of original material from RCP’s reporters and contributors, including the following:

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Infrastructure Spending Would Shape U.S. Society for Generations. Henry Cisneros and William Fulton offer advice for the new administration (and Congress).  

Becerra as HHS Chief Would Undo Conscience Protections. Grazie Pozo Christie argues that Xavier Becerra, if confirmed, would impose policies on health care workers that he enforced as attorney general in California.  

The Economy Isn’t a Pizza, But Small Business Cost Is. “Papa John” Schnatter asserts that boosting the minimum wage to $15 an hour would harm the very people it is intended to help. 

Biden’s Immigration Changes Will Improve Safety. At RealClearPolicy, Jonathan Haggerty hails the president’s decision to prioritize border resources for public safety threats, such as pursuing human traffickers or cartel members smuggling weapons and drugs. 

Returning to Iran Agreement Will Not Be Easy. At RealClearWorld, Stephen Rademaker warns that the administration hands are tied by a nearly forgotten law enacted by Congress in 2015. 

Firefighters’ “Fill the Boot” Charity Fills Union Coffers. At RealClearInvestigations, Bill McMorris reports that the wildly successful fundraiser to fight muscular dystrophy has diverted millions of dollars to the International Association of Fire Fighters. 

Student Loan Forgiveness Shifts Burden to Working Class. At RealClearEducation, Teri Christoph writes that Biden’s plan means low-income Americans will be stuck paying for the educations of the better off.  

Blocking Gas Pipelines Blocks Consumers’ Access to Heat/Cooking Sources. At RealClearEnergy, Benjamin R. Dierker explains the downstream impact of political decisions. 

Republicans, Don’t Deify “the Average.” RealClearMarkets editor John Tamny takes a dim view of messaging that ignores a truism: blue-collar work is a consequence of economic activity conducted by the white-collar worker. 

Why Is “the Gut” So Emotional? RealClearScience editor Ross Pomeroy spotlights the enteric nervous system, home to at least 100 million neurons, by far the most outside of the brain. 

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Donald J. Trump, will you please go now!
The time has come.
The time has come.
The time is now.
Just go.

I don't care how.
You can go by foot.
You can go by cow.
Donald J. Trump, will you please go now!

You can go on skates.
You can go on skis.
You can go in a hat.
But please go.

Carl M. Cannon 
Washington Bureau chief, RealClearPolitics
@CarlCannon (Twitter)

Carl M. Cannon is the Washington bureau chief for RealClearPolitics. Reach him on Twitter @CarlCannon.

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