Fire Rosenstein, Right Now

Fire Rosenstein, Right Now
AP Photo/Evan Vucci
Fire Rosenstein, Right Now
AP Photo/Evan Vucci
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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein must be feeling the heat. On Sunday he responded with uncharacteristic promptness to President Trump’s demand for an investigation into possible Department of Justice spying on his campaign.  An inspector general inquiry is indeed a good idea, and should help restore confidence in our highest agencies of national security and law enforcement. 

But for Rosenstein, it’s too little, and much too late. He should lose his job.

Why fire him? 

Regarding this whole imbroglio, the president’s patience has been tested.  But I suggest a new approach to deal with the unending assault upon Trump from his own DOJ.  So far, he has fought back primarily through his incisive Twitter skills. But his legal team has been, until recently, quite acquiescent.  It’s high time to realize the Mueller probe and all the attendant media attention are about one thing and one thing only: impeachment.  

So, time for new tactics.  Stop cooperating, now.  If subpoenaed, refuse and mount a vociferous court challenge.  Most of all, immediately fire the deputy attorney general.

Why now?  The most proximate reason is his willful intransigence regarding the totally lawful congressional requests for documents.  Rosenstein’s DOJ has continually stymied the legitimate oversight inquiries from Capitol Hill.  In fact, he hubristically stated that he is “not going to be extorted” by duly elected congressional committees.  Well, Rod, there are a couple of massive problems with your statement.  First, per our Constitution, only Congress possesses the power to oversee the executive branch and, if necessary, prosecute the president.  Second, given the accumulating evidence of conflicted and corrupted actors within the DOJ, FBI, and CIA, your failure to cooperate reeks of a man with much to hide.

In addition, Rosenstein needs to be shown the door for his total inability or unwillingness to supervise the Mueller probe.  Like Rosenstein, Mueller works for the president as part of the executive branch.  He does not maintain the special status of independent counsels of the past, such as Ken Starr.  Both Republicans and Democrats, thankfully, realized the danger of unfettered and unaccountable prosecutors who answer to no one, and let that statute lapse. But sadly, because of Rosenstein’s total dereliction of duty, the ludicrous Mueller inquest has become an endless one, searching everywhere possible for even a hint of misconduct by anyone associated with the president. An investigation in search of a crime represents an un-American approach that is antithetical to our notions of jurisprudence.

Though much has been made of Mueller’s charges and indictments to date, the majority involve Russian nationals.  Among the charges against Americans, almost all pre-date any involvement with Trump.

Initially, investigating possible “Russian collusion” was the special counsel’s raison d’etre.  Then, the narrative seized on porn stars and minor alleged campaign finance violations.  Now, the new storyline is Saudi and Israeli preference that Trump win in 2016. Regarding that last point, what a surprise given President Obama’s constant coddling of Iran?!

The point is, with no sunset date, a bunch of incredibly biased swamp attorneys, and a blank check underwritten by the taxpayer, when does this American Torquemada give up?

Here’s the apparent harsh reality: The national security apparatus of our country under Obama was unleashed upon an opposition campaign.  This prospect alone represents an intolerable affront to our Constitution and our liberty.  Perhaps even worse, the present trajectory of the investigation has nothing to do with actual legal infractions by Trump, either before or after his historic win. 

Instead, one goal abides: impeachment.  The administrative state apparatchiks, from Democrats on the Hill to so-called Republicans in the DOJ, want nothing more than to nullify our electoral revolt of 2016. 

The first step toward rectifying that incredible threat is firing Rod Rosenstein.

Steve Cortes is a contributor to RealClearPolitics and a CNN  political commentator. His Twitter handle is @CortesSteve.

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