Pompeo Will Make an Impressive Secretary of State

Pompeo Will Make an Impressive Secretary of State
AP Photo/Alex Brandon
Pompeo Will Make an Impressive Secretary of State
AP Photo/Alex Brandon
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President Trump’s nomination of CIA Director Mike Pompeo as the next secretary of state is a wise choice for the future of our nation’s foreign policy. Pompeo is a knowledgeable foreign policy leader and excellent representative of the United States on the world stage. With the trust of the president and the respect of the American people, he will reinforce America’s role as global leader.

A graduate of the United States Military Academy, Pompeo served five years of active duty in the U.S. Army, earning the rank of captain. He later graduated from Harvard Law School and co-founded Thayer Aerospace, a manufacturing company that employed more than 400 people within 10 years.

Pompeo went on the become president of Sentry International, an oilfield equipment company, before running and winning a seat in 2010 to represent Kansas’s 4th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Throughout his three terms, Pompeo served on the Committee on Energy and Commerce and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which prepared him for his subsequent role as Central Intelligence Agency director.

During his tenure at the CIA, Pompeo led the agency’s efforts to confront threats to our nation’s security. He targeted and destroyed ISIS leadership, established mission centers to address threats from North Korea and Iran, and helped shape President Trump’s response to the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons against its people.

Together with our international allies and partners, Pompeo worked to stop the spread of terror funding, extremist ideologies, and Russian threats to democratic elections in the United States and Europe. He also led the effort to enhance counterintelligence operations and develop technologies to combat security threats from China.

Pompeo slashed excess bureaucracy at the CIA by streamlining management structures and hierarchy within the agency’s mission, which made the agency more efficient and effective.

His service as CIA director also has made him the knowledgeable and effective leader that the State Department needs at its helm. Just as he did at the CIA, Pompeo will make the department more effective and empower staff to project American strength abroad, defending key U.S. interests.

Pompeo has proven himself to be an excellent leader of a critical national security agency, a successful negotiator and diplomat. His qualifications were hailed across party lines when 14 Democratic senators voted to confirm him as CIA director. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said at the time that Pompeo is “smart, hard-working and devoted to protecting our country.” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said Pompeo would “provide wise counsel and objective advice to President Trump” when he voted in favor of confirmation.

Senate Democrats must work with Republicans again to put the security of our nation first and confirm Pompeo in his new role. The future of our nation’s security depends on it.

Andy Keiser is a senior fellow at the National Security Institute and former senior adviser to the House Intelligence Committee.

Lester Munson is a senior fellow at the National Security Institute and former senior adviser to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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