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Tucker Carlson: Why Is Everyone Lying About Southwest Airlines?


FNC's Tucker Carlson spoke Tuesday about the situation with Southwest Airlines canceling thousands of flights.

TUCKER CARLSON: Well, over the weekend, a lot of American air travelers found out things are falling apart. Southwest Airlines canceled probably half their flights this weekend. Now, why did that happen? Well, we told you last night the truth about why it happened, we know the truth because we have spoken to people directly involved in it. Pilots at Southwest Airlines are facing a vaccine mandate.

They will be fired right before Christmas if they don't submit to the medicine they don't want to take.

A lot of them have already recovered from Covid and do not need the vaccine, but the Biden administration is forcing them anyway. So, this weekend, a lot of them did not show up for work. That used to be called civil disobedience, but that is what is actually happening. That happened this weekend. There is no doubt about it.

The fact virtually everyone in charge has been lying about it tells you a lot. Tells you, on the one hand, they do not want to own up to the results of their policies, the reckless, crazy policies, which are in effect a power grab and not public health, but it also tells you they are very worried. Because when ordinary people realize they have power, too, especially people with skills, who do things most people can't do like fly airplanes or run air traffic control centers, when they realize simply by not doing M those things, they can be heard, maybe the government has less power than they think they do.

So for the past 24 hours, you have seen the usual liars stand up and shout us down. "Oh, no, that is not what happened! It was the weather that somehow only affected Southwest Airlines."

You heard the CEO of Southwest Airlines go on television and tell that lie. His name is Gary Kelly, he is under an awful lot of pressure, so maybe he had to lie, but he definitely lied. He went on TV today and said oh, no, it had nothing to do with Biden's vaccine mandates...

Your people are doing a phenomenal job standing up for what they believe, in the face of tyranny. But to say there is no evidence this week the result, a direct reaction to Joe Biden's vaccine mandate is a lie, and you know it's a lie if you know anything about the company you've gone, and doubtless, he does.

Later in the same interview, Gary Kelly of Southwest made it clear that Biden's mandate S is the only reason he is forcing his employees to get the shot or be fired.

... Oh, it's a government mandate. That will be the same government that is ignoring its own laws, ignoring federal immigration law and allowing the rest of the world into our country unchecked. That is a violation of the law. The Biden administration is a batting illegal behavior. So, for the CEO of a company this say "We must follow the law," as directed by an administration that is violating the law on a mass scale, is a little much, and everyone knows it.

Lying, lying, lying.

Well, the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, just banned vaccine mandates in his state. Southwest is headquartered in Texas. And yet, Southwest and now American Airlines and IBM have announced they will defy Greg Abbott's ban. Oh, they are more afraid of Joe Biden than they are of Greg Abbott. Hope that changes. Over at the White House, by the way, Joe Biden's top flag is doing what she does every day, lying, lying, lying. Here are more lies about what is happening at Southwest.

JEN PSAKI: I know there was a little hubbub over the course of the last few days about Southwest Airlines. We now know that some of those claims were absolutely false, and actually, the issue was clearly unrelated to vaccine mandates.

TUCKER CARLSON: Oh, you lie. They are not completely unrelated to vaccine mandates. Talk to the people who called in sick, they were a direct result of the vaccine mandate.

You did this, Joe Biden White House, you are wrecking our interstate travel system. And over Christmas, you are going to make it impossible for people to travel. You did that. At some point, it is going to be very obvious to the whole country.
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