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Don Lemon: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Vaccine, No Service


CNN's Don Lemon voiced the frustration many vaccinated Americans have for those who refuse to be vaccinated for COVID-19, saying:

DON LEMON, CNN: I’m sure a lot of people are not going to agree with this, but [if you] don’t get the vaccine, you can’t go to the supermarket. Don’t have the vaccine, can’t go to the ball game. Don’t have a vaccine, can’t go to work. You don’t have a vaccine, can’t come here. No shirt, no shoes, no service.

I think that’s where we should be right now because we continue to waste our breath on people who are just not going to change. You know, circular logic, they keep going back and saying, “Well, it’s my freedom.” “It’s whatever.” “‘I’m free.”

Well, your kid’s not free to give other kids meningitis in schools. Got to take a vaccine to do that. You got to take vaccines in order to be employed.

So what is the big deal? And all these people are saying, "I don’t want to put this stuff in my body," they’re out drinking on the weekend and putting other substances in their bodies that’s way worse for them than a vaccine. So, come on. Let’s be real.

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