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CNN And MSNBC Still Mention Trump More Than Biden


Who is receiving more attention on television news since the inauguration, President Joe Biden or former president Donald Trump? The graph below shows the total mentions of President Biden across CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and BBC News London since Biden's inauguration day. Fox News has mentioned him the most, though even BBC News London has mentioned him nearly a third as often as CNN and MSNBC.

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In contrast, the graph below shows that Fox News has covered former president Donald Trump far less than CNN or MSNBC. Look closely and you will notice that CNN and MSNBC have actually mentioned Trump more than Biden.

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The graph below compares the two presidents since Biden's inauguration, comparing mentions of Biden (blue) against Trump (orange). On MSNBC, former president Trump has received 129% of the coverage of President Biden, followed closely by CNN's 118%. On BBC News London, Trump has received 83% of Biden's mentions, while on Fox News Trump has received just 55% as much coverage as Biden.

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