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Sen. Ron Johnson: How Hunter Biden Made His Millions


Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) weighed in on the GOP report on Hunter Biden's financial ties in Europe and China in an interview with FOX Business host Maria Bartiromo on Thursday.

"I think we caught vice president in a lie which, by the way, I never believed that was true," Johnson said. "How can you literally fly over to China, you know. It's not just a half hour flight, you know, that multiple hour flight to have Hunter Biden on Air Force Two for all those many hours have been, Hunter Biden have his own agenda in China which included."

"Maria what is amazing is the deafening silence out of the mainstream media here," he said. "They looked at our report, these seven pages. I don't think any even read it. But what they did instead is they just kind of shrug and said oh, that's just a bunch of old news. Because maybe one news outlet at one point in time reported the fact that Hunter had some connections with China. Nothing new here. There's all kinds of new, very troubling pieces of information."

"This is probably the most frustrating thing I have ever tried to accomplish -- just trying to get to the truth. And that is all I've been trying to get to is the truth," Johnson said.

SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): We never sought to target or go after the Bidens. They put themselves in the middle of this with Hunter's glaring and obvious conflict of interest joining the board of Burisma. So this happened just a couple of months after Ukraine had their revolution dignity which was really all about ridding Ukraine of corruption and here we set up this glaring conflict of interest where Hunter Biden's paid $4.2 million, he and his business partners... $4.2 million over about 30 months. That calculates to about $140,000 a month, almost $1.7 million per year. It's a pretty good gig if you've got the right -- the right last name.

And let's face it. This was all about Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma trying to gain influence so that charges, the investigation against him in Ukraine would be dropped.

One thing that's kind of notable is that in George Kemp's interview for our committee, he pointed out that $7-million bribe was paid by Zlochevsky, by Burisma to make those investigations go away.

Seven months after Hunter Biden and Devon Archer joined the board of Burisma. And remember Hunter Biden joined the board supposedly to consult on corporate governance and transparency. He didn't do a particularly good job. But then you hop to Russia $3.5 million dollars paid to Yelena Baturina, the former wife of the now deceased former mayor of Moscow. She's Russia's lone woman billionaire or a woman billionaire in Russia. Got her billions through probably corrupt practices being the mayor's wife.

We had a very strange payment from Kazakhstan $142,000 to buy a car for Devon Archer and then the millions of cash flow between the intricate web of corporate dealings with Chinese nationals that have current connections to the communist government and former affiliations with the People's Liberation Army helping arrange, for example, the purchase by and the control by Chinese business of a U.S. dual parts auto manufacturer, the type of equipment to be used for military purposes by the PLA.

Again it's such an extensive web, they're so many millions of dollars flowing back and forth at those associations, we've just only uncovered -- I think we're only scratching the surface. We have no guarantee that we've uncovered it all. We just really laid out a pretty troubling web that represents potential conflicts of interest, counterintelligence and extortion with a Biden administration.
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