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Herschel Walker: "Insulting" When People Call Donald Trump "Racist"


Football star Herschel Walker spoke Monday at the 2020 Republican Convention, speaking about his "deep personal friend" Donald Trump and saying it is "insulting" that people call him a racist.

"I have known Donald Trump for 37 years. And I don't mean we just casually ran into each other from time to time. I'm talking about a deep personal friendship," Walker said.

"Growing up in the Deep South, I've seen racism up close. I know what it is. And it isn't Donald Trump," he said.

"I watched him as the owner of a professional football team. Right after he bought the team, he set out to learn. He learned about the history of the team, the players, the coaches. Every detail. Then he used what he learned to make the team better," Walker said. "I watched him treat the janitors, security guards, and waiters the same way he would treat a VIP. He made them feel special because he knew they were. He understands that they are the people who make this country run. They clean. They cook. They build. They drive. They deliver. He told me, 'Herschel, make an effort to get to know people. Remember their names.' That stuck with me."

"One time, I had planned to take his kids to Disney World with my family. At the last minute, Donald said he'd like to join us. So there he was, in a business suit, on the 'It's a Small World' ride. That was something to see. It just shows you what a caring, loving father he is," Walker said.
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