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Pelosi: Trump Impeached Forever No Matter What He Says


SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: I want to first salute our managers. I think they did a magnificent job in presenting the case for our founders, for our Constitution, for our country. We could not have been better served. Each and every one of them did a magnificent job, and Adam Schiff's liber--leadership was a blessing to our country. I'm proud of the work that the Senate did in terms of their response to all of this and their--the unanimous vote of the House Democrats in support of our Constitution.

We are--now the Senate as spoken in terms of any punishment to the president. He's impeached forever no matter what he says or whatever headlines he wants to carry around. You're impeached forever. You're never getting rid of that scar, and history will always record that you were impeached for undermining the security of our country, jeopardizing the integrity of our elections, and violating the Constitution of the United States.

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