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Jim Jordan: Entire Impeachment Process Is A Sham


Rep. Jim Jordan responds to the party-line vote in the House of Representatives to set guidelines to pursue an impeachment inquiry into President Trump:

REP. JIM JORDAN: We ought to think about something. This morning, I was in an impeachment deposition but I had to leave that to come to a floor for a vote on the rules for impeachment. That says it all about this entire process. It is a sad day, it really is for this country.

What the Democrats have put our nation through for now almost four years. You go back to July of 2016 when they opened an investigation into the president, then-candidate Trump and spied on two American citizens associated with the presidential campaign. It bet I bet that has never happened in American history, but that happened in 2016.

And all that we went through with Mueller and now this today, as the whip said, this entire sham process. It is four facts have never changed and they will never change. Four fundamental facts.

- We have the transcript. There's no conditions in the transcript. There's no quid pro quo in the transcript. Even after the call came out the democratic chairman was saying there's no quid pro quo but we're going to keep on doing what they've been putting our country through.

- Second, the two individuals on the call, President Trump and Zelensky, have both said there was no pressure, no pushing, nothing.

- Third the Ukrainians didn't know aid had been held up at the time of the phone call.

- Fourth and most important, what action did they take? What action did the Ukrainians take to free up the aid that was being held up? They did nothing, no statement, no announcement.

Those facts have never changed, will never change, but they don't care. They are trying to impeach the president of the United States less than 13 months before an election based on an anonymous whistleblower with no firsthand knowledge, who has a bias against the president. It's reported that the whistleblower worked with Vice President Biden and on it goes.

The American people see this for what it is because the American people are fair people, they are just people, they are people with common sense and they will not tolerate this. I appreciate the leadership of our leader and our team and how we all voted against this because we see it just like the American people do and we just know it's wrong.

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