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Trump: "We Defeated ISIS, 100% Of The Caliphate"


President Trump delivers remarks on Syria and ISIS at a military briefing Monday evening.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: We have told Turkey -- I spoke to President Erdogan of Turkey and I said you have to treat them good, you've got to take care of ISIS. Don't forget, we defeated this group largely. Defeated ISIS, 100% of the caliphate, 100%. We wanted to do 100%. I was going to do this 9 months ago and we were not at 100%, but we were very close. Everyone said, can we get 100%? Now we get to 100% and they say, well maybe we can stay longer? When do we get out? We need to bring our people back home and frankly, our great soldiers have been talking about this...

We have family members, wives, children and many of them come out of Europe and Germany and France and other countries that I told them, you have to take these people back. You have to take them back and they said, we don't want to do that and I said, you have to do that. That's not fair to the American taxpayers or America or the United States not to do that. They chose not to do it.

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