April Ryan: Trump Using Word "Infested" Has Holocaust Connotations


April Ryan, a CNN contributor and White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Network, blasted President Trump Monday for referring to Baltimore, Maryland as rat and bug "infested," noting that the term has Holocaust connotations and wondering what is "running across" Mr. Trump's "covers at night."

"Baltimore is part of this country," Ryan said. "Let's go to Francis Scott Key, let's go to the Star-Spangled Banner -- 'Oh say can you see?' -- This is Baltimore. It is Baltimore today, it will be another city tomorrow. We are all Baltimore. #WeAreBaltimore."

"And for him to use the word --bear with me for a moment-- to talk about 'infested.' Infested? Mr. President, where is your urban renewal plan for Baltimore and cities like Baltimore? Don't talk about it, be about it."

“The reporter hat is now off, because this is ridiculous," she continued. "And then to talk about 'infested.' The city that is infested? You're living in a house that is infested with mice. You, Mr. President, are living in a house that is infested with mice and stink bugs and anything else. So if you want to start talking about an infestation, let's talk about where you live. What's running across your covers at night?"

"If you really want to get into the history of the word infested, let's talk about the word when it was used against our Jewish brothers and sisters during the Holocaust. There are awful references that this President is making, and it needs to stop."

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