Mueller: "Not Familiar" With Fusion GPS, "Outside My Purview"


REP. STEVE CHABOT (R-OH): Thank you. Director Mueller, my Democratic colleagues were very disappointed in your report. They were expecting you to say something along the lines of here's why President Trump deserves to be impeached, much as Ken Starr did relative to President Clinton back about 20 years ago. Well, you didn't, so their strategy had to change.

Now they allege that there's plenty of evidence in your report to impeach the president, but the American people just didn't read it. And this hearing today is their last best hope to build up some sort of groundswell across America to impeach President Trump. That's what this is really all about today.

Now, a few questions. On page 103 of Volume 2 of your report, when discussing the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, you referenced "the firm in that produced the Steele reporting." The name of that firm was Fusion GPS. Is that correct?


CHABOT: 103, that's correct, Volume 2. When you talk about the--the firm that produced the Steele reporting, the name of the firm that produced that was Fusion GPS. Is that correct?

MUELLER: I--I'm not familiar with--with that. I--could you--

CHABOT: --Let me just help you--

MUELLER: --Can you--

CHABOT: --It was. It's not--it's not a trick question or anything. It was Fusion GPS.
Now, Fusion GPS produced the opposition research document widely--widely known as the Steele dossier. And the owner of Fusion GPA was someone named Glenn Simpson. Are you familiar with that name?

MUELLER: This is outside my purview.

CHABOT: Okay. Glenn Simpson was never mentioned in the 448 page Mueller report, was he?

MUELLER: Well, as I--as I say, it's outside my purview and it's being handled in the department by others.

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