Lindsey Graham: Pelosi Should Apologize To AG Barr


Sen. Lindsey Graham says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should apologize to Attorney General Bill Barr. While Pelosi did not specify which comments she was referring to, she asserted Thursday that Barr committed a crime by lying to Congress.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM: I think she's the Speaker of the House, who I actually admire as a person. I disagree with her publicly. I think it is an offensive statement, I think she should apologize to the attorney general or be specific as to how he lied. I heard his testimony, they asked him about what he said in the House Appropriations Committee. The question was about the findings of the Mueller report, and I think his testimony regarding his interaction with Mr. Mueller, I believe it. I'm going to send a letter to Mr. Mueller and ask him if he takes issue with anything that Mr. [Barr] said about the phone call that they had.

So I just think it is over the top. I think it says more about her than it does Bill Barr. I don't think he lied one bit.

QUESTION: Have you had any contact with the White House since yesterday about how they thought the hearing went?

GRAHAM: Yeah, I just talked to the White House counsel and they were very pleased with how it went.

Here's my problem here, they said let's make sure Mueller can do his job without interference, that makes sense to me. The president thought it was a witch hunt, I didn't. I introduced legislation as a shot across peoples' bow to let Mueller do his job, everybody said let's get as much of the Barr report out as we can. I urged the attorney general to do that, he released an amazing amount of information. But that's not enough. When the report came out in a way that my friends on the other side didn't like, they moved the goal posts. What Mr. Barr went through yesterday was unseemly and unnecessary. He did not misrepresent one word of the report. The findings of Mr. Mueller were what Mr. Barr said they were and if you don't believe me, read the report.

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